AndrewLoves to swim!


Our experience with ISR has been a true blessing for our family! Both of our boys have completed the program with Cindy Sachse in Buford and are now great swimmers! We are amazed! Our most recent experience was this summer with our youngest son, Andrew. Andrew is 2 ½ and was diagnosed with Autism last year. We wanted him to learn to swim early as his brother did, but were hesitant due to his disability. He has many sensory issues and is unable to adapt well to change. He has made a lot of progress over the past year due to intense therapy and prayer so our concern was he might possibly regress due to the stress. It was a struggle to decide… we wanted to push him but not too far where he took steps back.

We finally decided to give it a try and see how he did. He responded great! We were thrilled. He did the typical first few days of crying in the water but totally excelled and mastered swimming and floating on his back to rest in less than 5 weeks!! It gave him confidence and he was so proud of himself! He would swim to Ms. Cindy and raise his head out of the water with a big smile and clap for himself and say ”I did it!” A couple of his therapist began to comment to us during this time how they noticed a leap in his progress… we feel it had to do a lot with the swimming! Andrew loves the water and loves to swim now. He wants to repeatedly do laps back and forth in the pool. His favorite phrase this summer, when we were in the pool after he would swim to someone was ”one more time!” We are so thankful for this program and highly recommend it, IT WORKS!!