Parks TripletsLoves to swim!

I can't say enough good things about Infant Swim Resource I started my kids with the program at about 18 months old. It teaches the kids to swim roll over and float to breath and swim again. they learn to swim and get out of the pool via the metal stairs, the cement stairs and also climbing out via the wall. They must pass a swim test fully clothed in winter gear to "graduate" The initial lessons are 10 minutes one on one with the instructor 5 days a week for about 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your kid learns. Then every year till age six the kids go back for refresher lessons for 2 weeks because as their body grows and their coordination changes they need to be refreshed on the proper way to swim. My kids have gone every year with great success.

The first year my kids learned not to fear the water, they would swim with us while we were in the pool, but mostly they just liked to swim and splash on/around the steps. however, if they slipped or fell in - which happened, they didn't panic or cry and knew exactly how to get themselves out without any trauma or drama. By the second year at 2 1/2 the kids were jumping in the middle of the pool on their own and swimming to the stairs (racing each other). By 3 1/2 they were jumping in the deep end and swimming the whole length of the pool and starting to stroke swim, they also were swimming in with the waves at the beach. Last year at 4 1/2 their stroke swimming had improved, all of them learned how to swim under the water, they were learning to dive and also went off the diving board and all three could dive down in at least 6 feet of water and retrieve dive sticks from the bottom of the pool.

The greatest thing about these lessons is that because I am confident in my kids ability to swim I have always been able to relax while at the pool. I can have conversations with people, grill food at parties, read a book, without stressing every second about my kids. Not to say that I don't watch them carefully but I don't have to be paying attention every single second - and even better I don't have to spend the entire day in the pool with three kids hanging all over me.

However, these lessons are not for the faint of heart. the 1st year or two can be very traumatic for mom. Moms are not allowed in the pool. you are not allowed to distract or interact during the lesson except to shout words of encouragement. The 1st year the kids tend to scream and cry and often swallow water. if they vomit the lesson does not end otherwise the kids learn that vomiting ends the lesson. All I can promise you is that while you may be traumatized by the lessons the children are not - and the end result will make you very happy. My kids have always looked forward to swim lessons - although when they were little once we got there they would complain. I promise these lessons are so worth it.

The lessons also take a huge commitment - having to go every day is time consuming. But again this program really works and your kids will learn to swim. When you take lessons at most other programs it is within a class and you are lucky if the kids get 5 minutes of undivided attention from the instructor.

If you go to the website you can put in your zip code and find the instructors nearest you. There is a new instructor in Cumming she started last year or the year before I think. Tanya is another one that I know some of our moms have used and been happy with.

I personally use Cindy Sasche in Buford. I can not say enough good things about her. My kids adore her and they have gone to her for many years now. She is extremely patient with the kids and can relate to them on their level. The kids are comfortable with her, but at the same time they know what she expects them to do and also understand that while she is kind and fun she isn't going to let them get away with any crap - they are there to learn and work. She also has both an indoor wave pool and an outdoor pool with diving board so your lessons are not cancelled for rain - she also teaches year round. She also lives on a horse farm and you can bring carrots and let the kids feed the horses after the lessons. Cindy also has a reputation of working with people that are in difficult financial situations. She looks at her business as not just a job but also a public service to prevent drowning and so she tends to be more flexible if you explain your situation to her so please don't rule out swim lessons for your kids because you think you can't afford it. Call Cindy first.

Also on the website you can send away for more info and I believe a DVD. ISR has also been interviewed on the today show and CNN. If you have any other questions please let me know. I know many of our triplet moms have used ISR and I have yet to hear of anyone disappointed with the results.